The Best of Rome in One Day



Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we will show you the best it has to offer in a single day!


Ancient Rome with Rome Chauffeur


This private tour is designed to provide our guests with an overview of the Eternal City from ancient monuments to exciting piazzas and incredible museums and churches.


Day Tour From Rome Hotel Accommodation:

Your professional English speaking Tour Chauffeur will meet you at your hotel or accommodation at 8:00 AM and bring you back by approximately 4:30 PM.


Shore excursion from Civitavecchia cruise port:

Your professional English speaking Tour Chauffeur will meet you on the Civitavecchia pier next to your ship holding a sign with your name at 7:30 AM and will return you to the ship by approximately 5:00 PM.

From the port you will journey approximately 90 minutes on the motorway through the countryside of Lazio into Rome.



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Colosseum. Part of Best of Rome in A Day Tour with Rome Chauffeur.


Your first destination is the most recognized ancient monument and iconic symbol of Rome: the Colosseum!  This ancient wonder built in 79 AD was first named the Flavian Amphitheater after the family of Emperors Vespasian and his son Titus under whose leadership the amphitheater was built.

The name Colosseum is believed to have originated from the colossal bronze statue of Nero that was erected near the amphitheater. You will have the opportunity to visit the interior of the Coliseum.

Next to the Coliseum you will see the famous Arch of Constantine, dedicated in 315 AD to commemorate Emperor Constantine’s victory over Maxentius at the battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 AD.


Piazza Venezia. The Best of Rome in A Day with Rome Chauffeur


Next you will drive by the grand Piazza Venezia where you will notice the imposing white marble monument dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele II. Nicknamed the “wedding cake”, the monument is one of the most recognizable buildings in Rome and the designated place for the eternal flame of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Next to the monument is the Capitoline Hill with an exquisite spot where you will enjoy the most spectacular view of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Coliseum in the distance. This spot is one of the most picturesque in Rome, so be sure to have your camera ready!


Pantheon . Best of Rome in A Day Tour with Rome Chauffeur


From here you will continue on to the ancient Roman temple dedicated to all gods: the Pantheon.

One of the oldest and best preserved ancient monuments built in 126 AD, it’s been in continuous use throughout history and converted into the church dedicated to Saint Mary and the Martyrs in the 7th century.

Some of history’s most distinguished figures are buried here: Kings Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I, Queen Margherita, and the celebrated artist Raphael. The oculus in the center of the coffer dome above provides light and ventilation, and when it rains the water drains below the floor through a drainage system.


From here you will visit Rome’s famous piazzas:  the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.


Spanish Steps - Piazza di Spagna


The Spanish Steps is famous for its curved 18th century stairs that connect the French church of Trinita dei Monti and the tall obelisk overlooking the square to the Baroque Fountain of the Old Boat below created by Bernini’s father, Pietro Bernini.

Here you will see many visitors and locals gathered on the steps taking a rest or people watch.

From La Dolce Vita to Three Coins In A Fountain, the Trevi Fountain has been featured in so many films that it’s one of the most distinguished fountains in Rome! No visit to Rome is complete without a visit to the Trevi Fountain.

People crowd around the gushing Baroque fountain and its nautical statues for the opportunity to throw a coin over their shoulder and wish for a return visit to Rome.


By now it’s time for lunch where you will enjoy local specialties according to your taste.


After lunch, you will visit the smallest state in the world: the Vatican!


Vatican Museums . The Best of Rome in A Day Tour with Rome Chauffeur


Your first visit will be Vatican Museums where you’ll walk through the spectacular halls covered in art and displaying significant masterpieces, see the famous sculpture of Laocoon that was the first purchased piece for the museum founded in early 16th century by Pope Julius II,  walk through the breathtaking Cortile del Belvedere,  Raphael Rooms, the Gallery of the Maps, The Flemish Tapestry Room...and then the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s finest work: the Sistine Ceiling and the Last Judgment.

After the Vatican Museums you will visit the largest church in all of Christendom: Saint Peter’s Basilica. Here you will admire Bernini’s baldacchino (the 98 foot tall bronze canopy altar), Cathedra Petri (throne of St Peter) and the yellow alabaster window with the Dove of the Holy Spirit in the center illuminating the altar area, the large niches surrounding the central space around the baldacchino with statues of religious figures displaying the four most precious relics of the Basilica, and among other awe-inspiring treasures, Michelangelo’s famous Pieta.


The visit to the Basilica marks the end of your tour. From the Vatican, your tour driver guide will return to your ship.


Thank you for choosing Rome Chauffeur private tour services. We look forward to meeting you and showing you Italy!


Important Information


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Place an ad on Cruise Critic ( for your chosen date of the service. Make new friends and share your tour and fun with other like minded travelers.


For Day Tour starting from Rome, a valid and complete Hotel or Accommodation address is required in order to book this tour. 


How and When do we pay for the tour?

The listed price of the tour is per vehicle, not per person. If you are traveling with a party of up to 8 persons per vehicle, you may share the tour price among the others in your party.

Rome Chauffeur accepts payment in Euro funds at the end of the tour made directly to your Chauffeur. If at any time you need extra funds, your driver will be more than happy to help you locate an ATM machine. We do not accept credit cards.

If you book a private licensed tour guide for the Vatican, Coliseum, Roman Forum, or any other sites, you must pay the guide directly at the end of the guided tour in Euro funds.


What is included in the price of The Best of Rome in One Day Tour?

The price includes a private English speaking Chauffeur experienced in private tours, a deluxe air conditioned vehicle reserved just for you, Italy’s VAT tax, fuel, applicable tolls and parking fees, insurance.


What is NOT included in the price of The Best of Rome in One Day Tour?

Price does NOT include Lunch, Entrance Tickets, Gratuity, Private Tour Guides booked and paid separately, and any other client expenses.


Pre-Purchase your Colosseum and Vatican Museums Admission Tickets.

Please be sure to PRINT at home all our ticket vouchers and bring them with you as they are required to be converted into tickets at the Colosseum and Vatican Museum.  Admission prices mentioned here can change without notice.


*** Please purchase your no-line Vatican Museums admission tickets in advance at 21 Euros per person (17 Euros standard + 4 Euros online booking fee) at 2:00 PM time slot directly from the Vatican:


*** Please purchase your Colosseum No-Line tickets here in advance at currently 16 Euros  per person in order to avoid lengthy queues. If you are visiting from the United States, please select "Stati Uniti" when asked to select your country of origin.

 Please note that there is a security check point at the Colosseum that applies to all visitors, including the No Line Ticket holders. Lately the security lines have extended to wait times of 1 hour or more.  Arriving at the Colosseum as early in the morning as possible helps avoid the potentially very long lines and wait times.  For this reason we suggest 8:00 AM pick up time from your Rome hotel and 7:30 AM pick up time from Civitavecchia.  Should you still encounter unfavorable security lines, you can use the same Colosseum Tickets and instead enjoy a visit to the Roman Forum instead for a more relaxed visit without excessive crowds and security lines at the Colosseum.


Private Licensed Tour Guides:

If you wish to reserve a licensed tour guide for a private Colosseum / Roman Forum combination tour, or Vatican Museums / Sistine Chapel / Saint Peter’s Basilica private tour, please inquire for quotes and reservation. 

While a private tour guide for the Colosseum/Roman Forum combination is optional, a guided tour of the Vatican is highly recommended to ensure you will not miss the most significant works of art as the Vatican Museums are vast and complex and often confusing.


Note for Vatican Visits: Only Visitors with a Tour Guide are permitted access to Saint Peter's Basilica from inside the Sistine Chapel.


Without a Tour Guide you may not have quick access to Saint Peter's Basilica from Sistine Chapel and you risk missing out on this site. The only other access is Saint Peter's Square which requires additional wait in security queue, therefore adding time and cost to your tour (if your tour starts/ends in Rome).  If you do not wish to book a private Vatican Tour Guide, you take the responsibility of missing out on visiting Saint Peter's Basilica.


A licensed tour guide will offer in depth information about the works of art you are seeing, and can also guarantee you back way shortcut access to Saint Peter’s Basilica from the Sistine Chapel so you don’t have to exit the Museums, travel around the Vatican to Saint Peter’s Square where a wait through the security line is required to enter the Basilica. It is up to the Vatican security if non-guided visitors can access this otherwise restricted passageway.


Your Tour Chauffeur

Tour Chauffeurs are not licensed tour guides, therefore chauffeurs are prohibited by law to accompany or guide guests on foot to sightsee. Only licensed tour guides with identifiable badges are authorized to do so. Chauffeurs are required to remain with the vehicle while guests sightsee.


Visiting Vatican City:

St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel enforce modest dress code that requires visitors to have their shoulders and knees completely covered. Visitors not in compliance with the dress code may be turned away.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

It is recommended to wear sunscreen and sunglasses during the summer months.

Photography and videography are permitted inside St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums (with selected areas forbidding flash photography). Photography or videography is forbidden inside the Sistine Chapel.  


Visiting the Colosseum:  

During hot and sunny months please be sure to use sun protection while touring outdoors, and wear hats and sunglasses if needed.  

*** New security check point at the Colosseum may result in wait lines to pass security.***

All visitors, including ticket holders, are obliged to wait in security line at the Colosseum.  Any delays related to Colosseum visit is outside of our control, and various delays may impact how many other sites you would have time to visit. To lessen the impact of delays, we ask that for Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, you meet your Chauffeur at 7:30 AM.


Cancellation Policy:

All tours and transfer services booked with us require 7 days advance cancellation by email.


Please Read and Accept the following Terms of Service prior to booking tour or transfer services.


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