Terms of Service

Important Information about our Rome Chauffeur Transfer and Tour Services


Please read the following information before booking your services with Rome Chauffeur.

You must be in complete agreement with all the information below prior to submitting your reservation.


* Be sure to complete the correct information in your booking form. Failure to provide correct information will result in service either not be provided, or be incorrectly provided.

For departure transfers to FCO airport you must include your Terminal Number. We cannot provide correct service without the Terminal Number at Rome Fiumicino Airport since as airlines share multiple terminals for departure at this airport.

* In order for us to provide the correct size vehicle for your needs, please provide us with your luggage count, including number of large suitcases and number of small carry-ons

* Reservations must be made only via our website. We do not accept reservations by phone or any 3rd party such as your chauffeur or hotel concierge.

* Please allow up to 24 hours to receive confirmation of service from our office. Please note that we are not able to provide service less than 24 hours in advance as it takes up to that long to process each reservation request.

* Your professional Transfer Chauffeur will speak the local language (Italian) or basic English. English speaking Transfer Chauffeurs cannot be guaranteed or promised as English speaking Chauffeurs primarily conduct chauffeured tours.

If you wish to have an English speaking Chauffeur for your arrival transfer from the airport, please book our Airport Transfer and Tour service.

* Prices are quoted per Vehicle, not per Person.

 For standard transfers, European deluxe vehicles (Mercedes, Opel, Audi) are provided based on availability assuring that ALL passengers and their luggage are accommodated comfortably.  **   Preferred type or model of vehicles CANNOT be requested, promised or guaranteed in advance for standard transfers.



Payments can be made in advance online at the time of Booking (either via PayPal or credit card), or can be paid in EURO Currency at the end of the transfer or tour service to your chauffeur.

 Gratuity is customary in Italy. If you are pleased with the service you receive from your chauffeur, a approximately 10% is greatly appreciated.


If you need to cancel your reservation, we kindly ask that you give us a minimum of 7 days advance notice. Cancellations are to be made via e-mail so you and we have records of the cancellation.

* CANCELLATION FOR PREPAID SERVICES: Only NET RATE will be issued on prepaid services. Net Rate is what we receive from your prepayment after PayPal / CC takes out their fees which they don't reimburse us in case of refunds. Therefore, we are only able to refund what we receive from you after PayPal/ CC takes out their fees.



Airport Arrival Transfers: We cannot process Transfer Reservations without the correct arrival flight information and destination address and name of Hotel if applicable.

Fiumicino Airport Arrivals at Terminal 3: Your chauffeur will meet you at the Meeting Point in the waiting hall area, located to your left once you exit baggage claims. Look for the large orange column with a sign at the top that reads Meeting Point. Your chauffeur will be at or next to the column holding a sign with your name.

Fiumicino Airport Arrivals at Terminal 1: Your chauffeur will meet you just in front of the doors after you exit into the waiting area.

** UNEXPECTED CHANGES IN MEETING POINTS - in cases that FCO Airport temporarily changes their Meeting Point locations, you will be notified via E-mail prior to your arrival.

Please use a luggage trolley located at the Baggage Carousel if you are bringing excess luggage. It makes carrying your luggage to the vehicle much easier. Your chauffeur will assist you with luggage, but will not be able to carry all your luggage for you.

* Please do NOT exit the airport and go outdoors to the taxi rank area. Private Car Service Chauffeurs only meet their clients inside the waiting hall, never outside.

* Your chauffeur will arrive at the Meeting Point column 30 minutes after your flight is scheduled to arrive in order for you to have plenty of time to pass through customs and collect your luggage.

The standard waiting time is 90 minutes after your flight has arrived.

If you are experiencing delays at the airport please call us immediately so we can retain your driver.

If you don’t have a cell phone that works in Italy, please use public phones which are coin and credit card information, or ask your airline representative to call us if you are claiming lost luggage.

Flight or Luggage Delays: if you are experiencing flight or luggage delays, please contact us immediately so we can make arrangements for you. Failure to inform us of any delays you may be experiencing will result in service not being provided.

* If your flight arrives unexpectedly earlier than scheduled, we ask that you please wait until the originally reserved meeting time as we cannot anticipate early arrivals without sufficient advance notice in order to reach the airport.

Last-minute changes to flight arrival time

* We are happy to accommodate last-minute changes to your airport arrival due to airline changes in flight itinerary or flight delays to the best of our ability.

We can only guarantee the originally scheduled pick-up time. Last-minute changes in arrival times will be provided according to chauffeur availability at your new arrival time. If a short wait is required, there are great cafes near the Meeting Point columns if you wish to have a seat and enjoy a beverage or a snack.

Can’t spot your chauffeur at the airport?

If you cannot spot your chauffeur at or near the blue and white Meeting Point column, please call us at the telephone provided in your confirmation email.

If you are not traveling with a working cell phone, there are PAY PHONES available throughout the Terminal that are credit card or coin-operated.

Upon meeting your Chauffeur, please ask him or her to RECONFIRM your reservation information.

Illegal touts posing as drivers may copy name cards from legitimate chauffeurs in an attempt to steal clients.

For your personal safety, please ask your chauffeur to confirm the details of your service Your Hotel Name/Address and Quoted Price of Service.

Only your correct chauffeur will have this information as per your reservation. If your chauffeur does NOT have this information, do not leave with him or her, and please call our office immediately!

Upon meeting your chauffeur, you will be accompanied to the designated car service parking area where all car service companies are obligated to park their vehicles. This is located a few minutes’ walk from the Terminal Meeting Point area.  

For security reasons, curb-side service for arrivals is NOT possible and is prohibited by airport authorities. 

Airport Departure Transfers: We cannot process Transfer Reservations without the correct pick-up address and Hotel name if applicable, and the Terminal Number your flight departs from at Fiumicino Airport. Please let us know the Terminal Number you will be departing from in the Message Box when you book the transfer.

Standard Airport and Port Transfers are direct and non-stop. If you wish to make any stops along the way please inquire within for additional service options.



Departure Transfers From Civitavecchia Port: We cannot process Transfer Reservations without the correct Ship Name and the Terminal number your flight departs from at Fiumicino Airport.

* Your chauffeur will meet you by your ship holding a sign with your name. DO NOT TAKE THE SHUTTLE or leave the the pier.



We provide door to door service wherever lawfully possible.

Please note that if your pick-up or drop off address is in an area restricted to traffic, streets are too narrow for our vehicles to pass through, or impossible for us to park, we will drop you off and pick you up as close as lawfully possible and you will be required to walk on foot to your hotel accommodation.  For Pick Up service, your chauffeur will park as close as lawfully permitted, and will meet you on foot at your address to accompany you and your luggage to your parked vehicle.

If door to door service is important for you, please check with your hotel, B&B, or rental apartment agency in advance to ensure that your accommodation is located in an un-restricted area that allows for front door service.



Child seats are required by law for children 8 years and younger.

We provide child safety seats that are up to European safety standards at 10 Euros.

We are happy to provide the child or booster seat as requested, however, the driver does not install the safety seat inside the vehicle. It is the legal responsibility of the parents and legal caretakers to install and safely adjust the child seat of their child in the vehicle.

Chauffeurs are not authorized as non-parents and non-legal caretakers to install the child seats inside the vehicle or to adjust the children safely inside the seat. It is the sole responsibility of the parents and/or legal caretakers to ensure the child seat is safely installed and the child safely secured inside the child or booster seat. Chauffeurs will not proceed to leave until the child is safely secured inside the child or booster seat by the parents/caretakers. When booking a transfer or tour service with a child or booster seat, you are obliged to agree in full to these terms.


Please inform us of your total luggage count (suitcases and carry-ons) to ensure the vehicle you are provided for the number of persons in your party will be able to accommodate your luggage as well.

Vehicle upgrade may be required if you are a party of 1-3 with luggage that will require an upgrade to a larger minivan instead of a sedan-style vehicle.

Minivans can accommodate up to 6 standard check-in suitcases and up to 6 small carry-on cases. If you are expecting to travel with luggage in excess of what a vehicle can accommodate, please let us know when booking your service so we can inform you of your options.



Tour Chauffeurs are not Licensed Tour Guides, therefore they are prohibited by law to act as guides or to accompany guests on foot to sightsee away from the vehicle.  

To comply with local Italian tourism laws, chauffeurs must remain with the vehicle while guests sight see on foot.

Private licensed tour guides can be booked separately upon request. Please inquire for Quotes and Reservation of private tour guides.

Chauffeurs will stop as close as lawfully possible to monuments, squares, churches or other sites visited.  Due to tight traffic control and security surrounding top tourist attractions, vehicles may be required to stop a short walk away.


Do NOT leave any personal items and valuables behind inside the vehicle. 

This includes but not limited to: purses, wallets, day bags, phones, iPads, tablets, electronics, documents, passports, or any item deemed irreplaceable.  Take ALL your valuables with you when exiting the vehicle at all times.

Rome Chauffeur does NOT accept responsibility for any personal items lost or stolen that have been left behind inside the vehicle.  Although chauffeurs remain with the vehicle most of the time while guests are away sightseeing, sometimes chauffeurs must leave the vehicles unattended to assist clients during the tours.

While sightseeing away from the vehicle, mind your valuables at all times and don’t leave yourself susceptible to pickpockets. This means: don’t carry large amounts of cash in wallets or purses, don’t place wallets inside easily accessible pockets, don’t leave your purse open or unattended. Valuables such as large amounts of cash, passports, documents and credit cards should be kept safe in a money belt or in other secured places on your person.


If at any time during your Transfer or Tour you are experiencing any problems, please call our office immediately so we can help you resolve any issues you are experiencing quickly and satisfactorily.

If you do not have a working cell phone, please ask your chauffeur to call our office number provided in your reservation on your behalf.

It is the responsibility of the client to inform our office of any issues experiencing at the time you are experiencing them. By not informing the company of any problems you are experiencing during your service, we do not have the opportunity to help you and to ensure your transfer and tour will meet your expectations.



We assume no responsibility for the following, therefore please be sure you are in agreement with the following information before booking our services.

Unforeseeable delays due to traffic and weather conditions, protest marches, political unrest, vehicle problems, and any situations beyond our control.

Personal items left behind in our vehicles.  It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure ALL luggage is places inside the vehicle upon pick up, and collected at drop off.

Please check the vehicle carefully for any items that may have dropped under the seats or between the seats. There will be other passengers after you, therefore we cannot be held liable for any personal items left behind as you are traveling in a publicly used vehicle used by many other passengers.

Rome Chauffeur assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any personal items left behind in the vehicle, and passengers assume full financial responsibilities to have found items shipped to them in return.