Orvieto and Winery in Umbria Wine Tour from Rome

Wine Tasting tour from Rome to Orvieto and visit to Umbrian winery

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  • Relaxing Drive from Rome to Umbria
  • Wine Tasting at a Winery in Umbria
  • Visit Orvieto with Free Time for sightseeing and lunch


  • Deluxe climate-controlled private vehicle
  • English speaking Chauffeur
  • Italy VAT Tax
  • Highway Tolls, Parking Fees

not included

  • Lunch
  • Winery Visit and Wine Tasting Fees
  • Admission Tickets if visiting sites that require them
  • Licensed Tour Guide / Walking Tours
  • Gratuities



Umbria is the “green heart of Italy” proud of its verdant hills and valleys, pastoral lands, rusted wooded forests, olive orchards, vineyards that produce excellent wines, delicious local cuisines, and gorgeous hilltop towns such as Orvieto. 

On this Orvieto and Umbrian Winery Wine Tour from Rome with Rome Chauffeur, you will journey in your private comfortable deluxe vehicle driven by your personal chauffeur. 

Relish a wine-tasting visit to a local Umbrian wine estate that follows the principles of organic farming without the use of artificial chemical treatments or fertilizers for a healthier and tastier product. 

Following your winery visit, you will venture to the magnificent historic town of Orvieto, dramatically situated on the plateau on a massive cliff with medieval houses built of the same tuffaceous rock that gives the town the impression of rising out of the cliff itself.

While in Orvieto, you will appreciate time on your own for a relaxing lunch of tasty Umbrian cuisines and to explore the charming pedestrian-friendly streets lined with historical buildings, inviting shops, boutiques, cafes, and wine shops.


Orvieto and Umbrian Winery Wine Tour prices:

Minimum 2 adults from Rome:     590 Euros
For 3- 4 participants from Rome:  640 Euros
For 5-6 participants from Rome:   680 Euros
For 7-8 participants from Rome:   730 Euros

* ADDITIONAL: Wine Tasting Fees are not included in our prices. A minimum 2 participating Adults are required to book a winery wine tasting.

This tour is NOT Customizable. For Customized Tours please send us an email with your request.


Orvieto and Winery in Umbria Wine tour from Rome chauffeur


Your Orvieto and Umbrian Winery Wine Tour begins with a relaxing drive through the gentle landscapes of the Roman countryside into Umbria, a beguiling land of green valleys and gentle hills.  As you journey through Umbria to the wine estate, you travel along scenic roads past olive groves and vineyards cultivated on picturesque hillsides caressed by gentle breezes.

The volcanic calcareous and sandy soil of Umbria combined with the mild Mediterranean microclimate ensures optimal ripening of the grapes and lends unique characteristics to its wines. Among the main grape varieties in Umbria are Sangiovese, Grechetto, Sagrantino, Trebbiano, Chardonnay, and Merlot.


Orvieto Wine Tasting Tours from Rome Chauffeur luxury tours


Umbria’s rich winemaking history can be traced as far back as the ancient Etruscans (the pre-Roman civilization that once occupied the central Italy region), as well as the Benedictine monks. Wine lovers who appreciate harmonious white and red wines will discover what they are looking for in Umbria.

Here you will discover the crisp, dry white wines of Grechetto such as the famous Orvieto wine that is vinified in different sweet grades: secco, abboccato, amabile, and dolce.  The noble reds are produced from the Sangratino grape variety which is a deep-colored, full-bodied powerful wine with high tannin levels.


Orvieto Umbria Winery Tours from Rome in limo tours


Delight in a 1.5-hour visit at a local wine estate, a tranquil haven in the midst of the Umbrian hills surrounded by cypress trees, olive groves, olive groves, and vineyards on gentle slopes. Indulge in a selection of red and white wines crafted by the family-owned winery paired with a small plate of locally sourced charcuterie and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Guided by members of the winemaking family, you will visit the organic wine estate and its cellar where vintages are aged to perfection, gain an understanding of traditional winemaking methods following organic principles of farming, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this serene wine estate.

Before departing, browse the winery’s products and select that perfect bottle of wine to enjoy on your vacation, or as a gift for loved ones back home.


Wine Tasting Tours to Orvieto Winery from Rome


A leisurely 30-minute drive through the Umbrian countryside will take you to Orvieto, easily recognized as the medieval hilltop town that appears to dramatically rise out of a steep tuffa cliff.

Orvieto one of Italy’s most ancient cities was previously an Etruscan acropolis settled by the highly advanced pre-Roman civilization that once ruled central Italy. Its ancient Latin name “Urbs Vetus” evolved into “Orvieto”. 

During the Middle Ages, Orvieto into a significant cultural center and attained architectural achievements like its famous 14th-century Gothic Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. The glittering golden mosaics that adorn its facade, make this cathedral (Duomo) one of the most beautiful churches in Italy.  The interior of the cathedral is decorated with frescoes painted by some of Italy’s most famous artists of that period.


Wine Tasting Tours from Rome to Orvieto


While in Orvieto, you will relish free time on your own for independent exploration and lunch on tasty Umbrian specialties at a local ristorante or trattoria in town.

Spacious and nearly traffic-free streets are lined with enticing cafes and restaurants, enoteche (wine shops), and inviting shops that sell local gastronomic delights, leather goods, and more.  Orvieto has a long-standing tradition of producing beautiful hand-crafted and vibrantly painted ceramics that add an elegant taste of Italy to homes worldwide. 

Wine lovers will be delighted to know Orvieto is also famous for its exquisite white wines that you may either enjoy during lunch, or available at local enoteche (wine shops) for tasting and purchasing at various wine shops in town. 

Your visit in Orvieto will conclude at approximately 4:00 PM when you will meet your private chauffeur to journey back to your hotel in Rome bringing with you cherished memories (and souvenirs) from your fun-filled Orvieto wine tour from Rome.

We are grateful for your interest in our Orvieto and Winery in Umbria Wine Tour from Rome and for choosing Rome Chauffeur for your wine tours in Italy. We look forward to seeing you in Italy!

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In order to provide flexibility and to accommodate guests who cannot participate in wine tasting, Winery Fees are NOT included in our Tour Fee.

The winery visit will take place between 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon (in accordance with the winery's schedule).

Winery Fee for wine tasting and visit to the winery is 40 Euros Per Person with payment made directly to the winery.  Wine-tasting fees can change without notice at the winery's discretion.

The minimum age for alcohol/wine consumption in Italy is 18 years of age.

Your winery visit will include moderate standing, walking, and descending/ascending a flight of stairs to visit the underground wine cellar.  Comfortable walking footwear is strongly recommended.

Winery visits must be booked in advance pending availability.  Should the winery in this tour not be available on your tour date, we will suggest another winery of similar rank.  Visiting times vary with different wineries as each winery operates on its own schedule.



On this tour, you are provided with an English-speaking Chauffeur who is not a licensed Tour Guide or sommelier. Only locally licensed tour guides can guide and accompany guests to sightsee. In order to be in compliance with Italian laws, Chauffeurs are required to remain with the vehicle while you sightsee.

Local wine shops have experts about local wines who can provide in-depth information about regional wines.


Orvieto and Umbrian Winery Wine Tour  Tour Tips:

  • Comfortable clothes and walking shoes are recommended on this tour.
  • Bring a camera with you as you will be visiting beautiful places in Umbria and Orvieto
  • Please sample wine responsibly, and never on an empty stomach.